Having bought my 82 TSX in Jersey whilst living away for a number of years with work, the Triumph had a home-coming back to the Midlands with me in December last year.  Not being an experienced mechanic (i’m sure my tinkering does more harm than good…) I was on the look out for someone locally who could tell me what the bike needed doing and bring back the joy of riding it again, without the dreaded worry it would break-down even on a short trip!

I was given Meriden Triumph’s name and number and I have to say the experience and support from him was nothing short of world class.  Communication was fantastic, he called quickly, arranged to come and collect the bike and kept me in the loop at all stages.  A few extra ‘issues’ were surfaced on the way, but they always dropped a note to make sure I wanted it doing before the work started and even sent regular pictures and videos so I could see the progress!

Less than a couple of weeks later and the bike was back with me, running smoothly, starting without issue and giving me the confidence to push on with the brakes working soundly and me with less worried about ending up in a hedge! I took advantage of some great weather around the time and did a couple of 100 mile trips, something I would never have felt confident with previously, as the bike was a little temperamental to say the least!

Brilliant stuff again, Meriden Triumph.  A huge thank you and nothing but recommend.

Bring on the summer!!